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Friday, September 09, 2005

Fat or Fabulous?

Dove’s new advertising campaign is a great example of how powerful it can be to stir up the market conversation with a new point of view.

The campaign features confident, happy women of all sizes and shapes, dressed only in underwear. They’re not the super-skinny fashion models, but real women with real curves. In other words, the campaign challenges the media image that you must be thin to be attractive.

The campaign has generated enormous press around the world, including a People magazine cover article, an editorial in the The New York Times, and appearances on the "Today" show.

In last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine article, “Social Lubricant: How a Marketing Campaign Became the Catalyst for a Societal Debate,” Rob Walker hit on just how effective a debate-stirring marketing campaign can be.

“Maybe it is somehow inevitable that marketing, which caused much of the underlying anxiety in the first place, can offer up a point of view that blithely tries to resolve that anxiety.

“Moreover, as the entertainment side of the media fragments, marketing becomes the one form of communication that permeates everywhere – and is just as effective whether you’ve actually seen the campaign or you simply have an opinion about it based on what you’ve heard,” he wrote.

How refreshing to not only to see real women and real beauty, but to see a marketer stir up conversations – and brand interest.

For more about the campaign, see http://www.campaignforrealbeauty.com/.

PS –Happiness and kindness are the top attributes that make a woman beautiful, according to a Dove global study.


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