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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Where is Chirac? The deliverer is the message.

In times of crisis, the job of leaders is to be visible -- to step up and absorb people's fears, reassure them about what's being done, and put the events within a forward looking perspective. People want to be led, especially during times of upheaval.

So where oh where is France's President Jacques Chirac this week? I don't live in France and I'm scared about what's going on with the unrest and riots in the country's slums during the past two weeks. Imagine being a French citizen?

Rather than going on TV or the radio to declare a national state of emergency, Chicrac and his administrators had a government spokesperson read a statement to journalists on Tuesday after a Cabinet meeting. Unbelievable.

The job of communications is an executive's job. Just ask Rudy Giuliani, Jack Welch, or Tony Blair. In times of crisis, communications cannot be shunned or delegated without serious ramifications.

The medium is not the message. The deliverer is the message.

For France, this means the government may have much graver problems than any of us realize.

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