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Friday, December 16, 2005

Best Holiday Card for Marketers

This time of year we all receive many Holiday Cards. But the best card for marketing people EVER, has to be from advertising agency Phil Johnson & Associates, written like a marketing plan. Here’s what it says:


  • Evaluate existing holiday greetings

  • Determine which greetings work best to:

  • Change perceptions of the holidays

  • Convey sense of community and love

  • Reduce cynicism

  • Help you be the best holiday greeter you can be

Holiday trends

  • People are busier than ever

  • Fewer “Happy” or “Merry” people out there

  • William Hung has just released a Holiday CD

Current holiday greetings

Season’s Greetings

  • Generic

  • Universally accepted for its ambiguity and utter vagueness

  • Leaves the door wide open for the Greetee to assume the Greeter is denomination-sensitive

Warm Wishes

  • Soft and sappy

  • A great opener and closer for holiday toasts

  • Brings out the “hugger” in people


  • Efficient, to the point

  • Perfect in situations where you’d like to keep the conversation to a minimum

Happy Holidays

  • Has legs

  • Most commonly used between November and New Year’s but could potentially be used for Groundhog Day, Arbor Day, and an other “holiday”

  • Great in a pinch

Focus group quotes

  • Feedback from holiday greeting focus group participants (not a representative sample)

  • “These cookies are free, right?”

  • “I bought my wife an iron. Is that bad?”

  • “What’s wrong with ‘Hey you?’”

Each holiday greeting is relevant and unique and the market could benefit from you using it.

Agency recommendations
  • Use them all.

  • Try not to forget what’s really important this holiday

  • Grab as much health and happiness as you can

  • Drinking too much “eggnog” and trying to sing Auld Lang Syne spells trouble.


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