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Friday, February 03, 2006

The ‘hounds digital story

Does this story meet the authentic test?

In our quest to learn how to tell business stories in interesting new ways, Janet Swaysland and I recently participated in a three-day Center for Digital Storytelling Workshop. (Love the group's tag line: Listen Deeply. Tell Stories.)

We learned that stories should be short on words (250 words maximum.) You have to have a reason to tell a story. Every story – even a two-minute one -- has to have some sort of conclusion or satisfying end. Always use the first person.

We also had a crash course on Adobe Element and Premiere software, and learned much from the stories from the other workshop participants – teachers, professors, non-profit activists.

It struck us that the corporate world is behind in this new storytelling technique

Here’s our first digital story. What grade do we deserve?


Blogger Perspective said...

it's awesome lois! (can't wait to meet you, janet!) i give it an A for heart, and A for message and takeaway.

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Ted Chaloner said...

That is wonderful. As a headhunter I am always advising people to tell their stories, to be themselves, to be real. On a recent WBUR program, a career counselor was talking about job seekers' need to package themsleves- just like a product. Nah! They just need to tell their story. You guys are lucky that your story makes so much sense for the careers you've chosen. Or did they choose you?
Nice going!

9:27 PM  

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