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Monday, May 08, 2006

New study on customer communities

Are online customer communities an undervalued marketing approach?

A new research study released today by Communispace, “What Companies Gain from Listening: The Effect of Community Membership on Members’ Attitudes and Behavior in Relation to the Sponsoring Company,” found that:
  • 82 percent of the surveyed community members said they were more likely to recommend a company’s products since joining its community.
  • 76 percent felt more positively about the company.
  • 75 percent felt more respect for the company.
  • 63 percent said that membership had increased their trust of the company.
  • 52 percent were more inclined to purchase products from the company.

Why do communities affect people so much? One reason may be that it provides a way for people to talk with a company and feel heard: 91 percent said they felt that their community allowed them to give candid feedback and suggestions to the company.


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